Welcome to Eurokids Manjalpur

EuroKids is a brand owned by EuroKids International Ltd which was formerly known as Egmont Imagination (India) Ltd. The core activity of the company revolved around children book publishing. The company had abundant access to Pre-School learning content and wanted to use its expertise in bringing good quality content to Indian students.


  • - Ms.Dhara Surve (Play Group – Meet’s Mother)

  • - Mr. & Mrs. Patel (Play Group – Saumya’s Parents)

  • - Mr. Prakash Jani (Play Group – Aadya’s Father)

  • - N.R. Limbachya

  • - Mr. Amitbhai Patel (Play Group – Pranshu’s Father)

  • - Ms. Pallavi Khairnar (Play Group – Nakshatra’s Mother)

  • - Mr. & Mrs. Patel (USA) (Nursery – Aayush’s Parents)
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