Parent’s Checklist

Parents Check list of an ideal Pre-School

Use this handy quality check list while you visit to Pre-School

Learning & Nurturing

Is the curriculum age appropriate, well researched and structured for all age group? Y / N
Is the focus on developmental skills and milestones? Y / N
Is the staff responsive, well-trained and caring? Y / N
Is the learning interactive through puppet show and story sessions? Y / N
Are the class rooms decorated with children’s art work? Y / N
Is the environment enriching and stimulating? Y / N
Is there a balance between child initiated and teacher initiated activities? Y / N

Health & Safety

Is the ambience lively, safe ad child friendly? Y / N
Is the play equipment child safe, age appropriate, non-toxic and durable? Y / N
Is the environment clean and well maintained? Y / N
Is all outdoor play supervised? Y / N
Is there a safe and secure drop and pick up facility? Y / N
Are the care givers trained in first aid? Y / N
Is a doctor on call available? Y / N
Is filtered water served to children? Y / N
Are sick children who are conagious kept a home? Y / N


Are there regular parenting workshop and parent teacher meets? Y / N
Are special days celebrated? Y / N
Is there a positive feedback based on ongoing observation? Y / N
Are there assessment that measure a child’s growth? Y / N
Is information given through educative newsletters? Y / N

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